Start Spreading Your Powerful Message, Gaining More Exposure & Boosting Your Credibility In 30-Days With A ‘Run-For-You’ Podcast 
Start Spreading Your Powerful Message, Gaining More Exposure & Boosting Your Credibility In 30-Days With A ‘Run-For-You’ Podcast 
All The Pro’s Of A Podcast Without The Time-Consuming, Complicated, Costly Cons 
Podcasts Get People’s Attention Like No Other Platform Can!
There’s Just One Problem…
A recent study from Nielsen Media Research Group showed the average consumer: 
  • Reads a blog for 4-6 mins
  • ​Views a youtube video for 4-5 mins
  • ​Scrolls through Instagram for >6 mins 
BUT they listen to a podcast for over 26 minutes per episode. 
Imagine having your ideal audience’s undivided attention for 26 whole minutes….
It would give you the ultimate opportunity to share your powerful message in a way that wasn’t pushy, rushed, or changed beyond recognition like you’re often forced to on other platforms. 

Plus, speaking of other platforms…

Did you know that despite the soaring popularity of podcasts with around 62 million global daily listeners, there’s still only 650,000 active ones out there right now? 

In comparison, there are over 19 million active blogs, 50 million content creators on YouTube, and over 60 million active business pages on Facebook. 
Podcasting is a refreshingly unsaturated market that’s got everything perfectly lined up to:
  • ​Build a truly engaged audience 
  • ​Scale intimacy 
  • ​Sell ‘without’ selling 
  • ​Earn credibility 
So, If Podcasts Are So Perfect Why Don’t More Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Have One? 
You’d think entrepreneurs and business owners would be jumping on the Podcast Bandwagon after hearing those figures. 

Perhaps even more so when they realize that 45% of podcast listeners have an annual income of $75,000.00, AND are listening around 7x a week - making them the ideal customer of many. 

It’s not that business owners and entrepreneurs don’t understand the sheer power of podcasts as an asset to their brand...

The problem is: 

Podcasts demand a lot of time and work behind the scenes to set-up, run, and maintain on your own. 

Unlike a blog or social media page, you can’t just start podcasting. 

It’s an entire logistical operation from creating a catchy stand out intro jingle to editing out the um’s, ah’s, and distractions from every episode.

Even if you did have experience in editing software…

There’s no getting away from the time it would still take to make it come all together and hit the right notes with your audience. 

Then, there’s all the planning involved too. 

Launching a podcast solo is often around a 4-6 month learning curve before you can even start to see the benefits... 

For many, the time and effort a podcast takes on top of the daily running of their businesses and brand is too much to handle. 

So, here’s what they do:
They leave a totally engaged, perfectly positioned, willing, unsaturated audience on the table for their competition to come in and leverage for themselves…

If the thought of that kills you inside - you’re in the right place! 

I’m the Founder of the podcast, The Stranded, which I’ve successfully ran for several years now.

On top of that, I’ve also taught 100’s of people how to start their own podcast through my ‘Podcasting Your Passion’ course. 

For over a year now, I’ve been taking it a step further to help busy entrepreneurs and business owners who have an amazing message, mission, and deserve to make an impact run a successful podcast (without really running one!)
Introducing Instapodcast
Your Complete Podcast Management Service! 
have your very own podcast launched within just 30 days
With our completely 'run-for-you' service all you need to do after launch is concentrate on creating content, and we’ll take care of everything else.
Our team will bring your podcast to life by making the best out of your 1400 x 1400 thumbnail photo that markets your podcast on iTunes. Our designers will ensure you have a podcast cover that grabs the attention of your target audience over and over.
Our team will carefully produce an introduction that not only aligns with your brand but stands out in your market. Your 15-40 sec introduction is your opportunity to sell your podcast listener on your message, and we specialize in ensuring your introduction engages each listener.
From removing "um's" and pauses, we’ll edit and mix every episode to perfection. Your podcast will be assigned an editor to ensure each episode has the best quality sound whether your listeners are tuning in from the car or during their nosy commute. Then, we’ll upload every episode to all the podcasting platforms available.  
Audiograms for social media
Audiograms are 1-minute snippets of your content to help convert your social media followers to listeners. Your designated editor will carefully select your audiogram and create a caption to create the biggest impact possible. 
Creative Titles & Descriptions
You don’t even have to worry about naming your episodes. Instapodcasts have you covered with creative titles and descriptions for each episode that are sure to be eye-catching, curiosity-driven, and dial into your ideal audience’s wants and desires. 
Monthly Chart Updates
From where you stand on the iTunes charts, to where you compare against those in the market, a team member will connect with you each month to discuss where you place on the charts against other podcasters (and how to climb higher!) 
Entrepreneurs & Businesses We’ve Successful Launched And Run Podcasts For: 
Instapodcast Is The Only One Of Its Kind To Offer Such A Complete Service At Such An Affordable Price: 
Who’s This For? 
Podcasting with Instapodcast is about getting all of the rewards without any of the work! 
It’s for ANY smart business owner or entrepreneur who knows about and wants to harness the power of podcasts, but up until now has not had the time. 

Our service can help you expand your message, share your stories, cement your expertise, and truly help people… as little time as humanly possible!

Remember, we will handle ALL the work.

That includes the launch which we can successfully pull off in 30-days! 

You can continue focusing on growing and scaling your existing business for the most part.

Then, when you feel like asserting yourself as an authoritative figure in the market, connecting your audiences, and driving eyes to your newest project - all you need to do is record some content. 

We’ll take that content and turn it into a clean, polished podcast episode that people will consume like crazy - and want to come back for more! 

We can even help you turn it into an income stream of its own. 
Launching your podcast will allow you to:
  • Build & Grow Your Audience 
  • ​Share Your Powerful Message
  • ​Boost Your Credibility 
  • ​Drive Brand & Business Exposure 
The Packages On Offer: 
Each Contract is Month-By-Month (3 Month Minimum)
Done-for-you Full Service Podcast Production & Management
  • Cover artwork
  • ​Unique Intro/Outro 
  • ​4x Complete production per month 
  • ​4x Audiograms
  • ​4x Creative show notes with keywords
  • ​Monthly chart updates
$1,497 launch fee (one-time) $400/monthly 
done-for-you full service podcast production, management & monetization strategy
  • Cover artwork
  • ​Unique Intro/Outro 
  • ​8x Complete production per month 
  • ​8x Audiograms
  • ​8x Creative show notes with descriptions
  • ​Monthly chart updates
  • ​Plus: Monetization strategy
  • ​Plus: Transcribed episodes
  • ​Plus: Monthly Access To Calls For Growth & Monetization Strategy
  • ​Plus: Complete media packet for marketing & monetization
$1,997 launch fee (one-time) $600/monthly 
Here's what some of our clients are saying
"After our initial conversation Jessica let me know she was just a phone call away, I never felt alone in the process. Anytime I had a question she answered and made sure I understood. All I have to do is get Instapodcast my raw content and they take care of the rest. It’s just a push of the button for me. I love the simplicity of this process it allows me to focus on my guest and my content. I love the honest feed back from Instapodcast and they are like my accountability partners on getting this done.
Having a podcast allowed me to have a different voice than what people are use to seeing from me. My podcast let’s me speak to subjects I’m passionate about and continue to grow my personal brand to different audience all while helping people. I wouldn't have done it without Instapodcasts making it so easy for me, so I sing Instapodcasts praises anytime I get a chance."

- Derek J

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Get All The Perks Of Running A Podcast Without Ever Running A Podcast: 
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